More Birthdays!

If you haven't seen the brilliant ad campaign by the American Cancer Society, check out the website. Watch some favorites sing 'Happy Birthday' to survivors. Light a candle and tell the world what 'more birthdays' mean to you.

100% Love :)


  1. i've seen several for a while now and i think they're brilliant. i just saw one with Keith Urban (love his aussie accent) and one w. usher and even the usher one was good. :)

  2. Laura and I both loved Keith Urban too. Just the most beautiful rendition of 'Happy Birthday' ever. Usher kind of got to me because he was wonderful and because I believe he lost his mom to cancer. I can top that though...I even thought Justin Bieber was pretty good.

    OK Go just added one. The whole concept of this is just...well, amazing.