Shoebox Reimagined

To continue with awesome design week, here's something the smarty-smart designers over at Fuse Project dreamed up. A redesign of the standard-issue shoe box which, by the way, is horrible for the environment. They dreamed up this nifty bag/box for Puma and, oh, it just so happens to use 65% less cardboard and none of the wasteful tissue. Stylish and good for the environment? Yes, please!

~JP Pullos

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  1. OK, JP this might be my fave of all your function\design posts. I am one of those folks who never ... ever ... throw out shoe boxes. I'm so fussy about the way my shoes are stored that I make sure there is a hole in the box my shoes came with and store then that way. That said, they take up a TON of space. And with my 1920's house (hello, tine closets)...well, it looks like I have shoe store. This idea is simply smashing!