Katiep Paperdoll

I simply could not resist posting this extremely cool gift one of my student workers presented me with today. It's the 'KatieP Paperdoll' set, complete with smashing wardrobe. And yes, the floating head near the bottom is me...ready for placement on the stylin model.


  1. love it! so adorable...esp the katie head!

  2. You know, I think the 'katie head' is from a picture from your wedding :) I have to admit, I love this gift. It's part of a series of gifts my co-workers have been giving me every 2 weeks to commemorate just being a little closer to 'the end' of all this jazz. Every week they give me a 'gold star' that is decorated in a theme. Some of the themes have been tropical vacation, pets, 4th of july...and this week was fashion.

  3. too cute!!! they are really sweet people. you're very lucky to work with such wonderful folks!