Dying to know...

I simply must know...Ms. Macaron & Lapapas...to what magazines are you currently subscribing? I've been buying random mags at the newsstand but I am feeling the need to commit to a couple. We've all had our faves and gone back and forth but I'd love to know what you are loving these days!


  1. my monthly ritual of waiting for new mags has been less than wonderful now that domino is gone...but i still get vogue (because i can't imagine life w/o it--even when it's not that great), new york magazine, dwell, self, real simple and glamour (because that's what was replaced when domino folded). i occasionally buy bon appetit (but will most likely subscribe soon--just for the covers!) and i like reading house beautiful.

  2. Thanks Ms. Macaron!! Domino was a HUGE loss. It was the only mag besides 'Runner's World' that I was getting. I am so glad to see that your mag ritual still exists...I am absolutely love that about you! Now that I have your list, I feel a little better directed...though I don't know 'Dwell'...tell me about it.

    Oh and did Martha Stewart's 'Blue Print' fold too?

  3. oh, i miss blueprint. i was actually going to do a post on that. maybe i'll get to that tomorrow. but yes, it folded a long while before domino.

    dwell is super--more towards the architectural end but they always have very cool peeks inside gorgeous (and sustainable) eco friendly homes. the feel of the large sized mag is really nice too.

  4. Geez...no more Blueprint either. What, were we the only ones reading these mags?! So sad.

    I am excited to check out Dwell though. Thanks for the tip.

  5. Right now I currently get runners world and trail runner magazine. I am very close to getting a subscription to Lucky though, but I love to pick it up at the airport before a flight. Everytime I fly I always look forward to getting my Lucky and Dominoe, so bummed its gone. It sounds dumb but I really like this magazine called Women's Adventure, it comes out of Boulder and they always have some nice articles and some cool adventures. Check it out!

  6. Actually, Women's Adventure looks very cool. I really want to try Trail Runner to replace my Runner' world. With 'Soul Run' I don't feel like I need Runner's World anymore. YOu are right...Lucky is a great traveling mag. It has so much to look at and really keep you occupied. Thanks for the tips!