Happy Friday, Care for a Drink?

Good morning, Everyone!  I'm feeling chipper this morning, probably from my morning coffee and the brisk fall air.  Have you seen the cute Starbucks Candy Cane Cold Cup Tumbler?  I bought one to use for my iced coffees during the summer, but I think I might have to invest in a "winter" version because the candy cane straw is so darn cute!  It only takes one little special element to reel me in and the striped straw did it for me!

Have a super day and an even better weekend!
{I believe KP is traveling to see Laura?!! Have a fabby weekend, guys!}

1 comment:

  1. Why I don't mind if I do ! This is fab...and I cannot wait for the Starbucks Xmas goodies this year...ornaments anyone?