No Peeking :)

This past weekend, while I was in Pittsburgh, Laura and I went to Starbucks one morning ( as Chris would say, I did something different :) Anyway, in this particular Starbucks the staff had draped a sheet over a set of shelving and attached a little sign to the sheet that said "No peeking!". Clearly a teaser for their holiday items. Ask Laura...it was taking every piece of my will not to go over and well, peek! But I held out and their holiday items are now on display. So great! The ornaments are back including a replica of this year's holiday cup (the tall size I think) and the so so cute cold cup. They also have a Christmas blend of their Via instant coffee line which Laura turned me on to this weekend. If the coffee is half as delicious as the packaging, it will be fabulous. Check out the holiday store.

If that weren't enough, they are doing a special promotion this week...Nov. 18-21, at you local Starbuck, buy a drink and share one (for free!) with a friend. What could be lovelier!


  1. oh sooooo good! i have the cold drink ornament and last yrs red cup....so i suppose i need to run out and get the "new" red cup for this yr! i remember i had such a hard time finding them in my area. i'm getting a jump start this yr!


  2. Oh my god...I totally remember your tale last year. By the time I got around to purchasing them, they were long gone. I have the ones from the year before and I adore them. Definitely keeping the collection going this year!