chanel packaging

classic nail trio
I know we've already talked about Chanel's trio of nail polishes....but I have to tell you about the genius that is Chanel Packaging!!!  They are brilliant when it comes to the most exquisite boxes, cases, and whatever else covers their precious wares.... 

B. & I celebrated our 13th yr of meeting last night (!) and afterward I made the rounds of Tyson's Galleria...and found my trio of polishes w. the cool Chanel Beaute case!  I noticed that the trio was sold out online (after it got so much attention from Refinery29 a while back), so I've hunting down the trio ever since.  So when I saw it at Saks I jumped!  This case rocks!  I love it so much.... I'm tempted to just use it as a wallet---it's that gorgeous!  I like the polishes too...I'm wearing Rouge Noir today.  
So I highly highly recommend buying this if you find it near you....

Lastly, I also saw several holiday packages featuring the camellia boxes on top... I really think this would be another gorgeous addition to any box (!) collection......  The top one is still available online.

I guess the holidays have officially begun!  Happy Shopping, everyone!


  1. Oh what a find KJ! It's just cake that the nail polish is nice too :) It was that case that attracted me from the beginning.

    Amazing what the folks at Chanel can do with ... just ever single aspect of every single thing they do.