Did you hear? Prince William is engaged to Kate Middleton. I only mention it here because I remember as a child I was so eager to watch Princess Diana's marriage to Charles.  It just takes me back to simpler days, I suppose and how grand it all seemed! 

I kinda feel old now....seeing her kid announcing his marriage..but I think it should be kinda fun to watch the spectacle.....What is it w. royals and having weddings in the summer?  Didn't they figure out it's not such good luck to wed in the summer (Diana & Fergie should be enough evidence)?  
I will definitely be watching next spring/summer!

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  1. Oh boy...I just heard like 2 secs before your post. 2 words KJ...very exciting. And I couldn't care one way or another about these people but you are totally lying if you say you aren't a little excited about this one. I am predicting total extravaganza. What do you think? Of course, with the economy being what it is...and the UK is really in the tank, maybe it won't be. So interesting.

    And how can you not think of this wedding and immediately think of the wedding of Charles and Di. I have to admit at the time ( I was like 13) I had no clue about any of it, so when it was going on that morning it was all totally new to me.

    This one though...who hasn't been waiting for this :)