Dads :)

I just read KJ's lovely last post. The first holidays without a dear loved one can be...very hard. My big daddio (as Laura called him) passed on this day 11 years ago. I think about him every single day. Sometimes, the fact that I had him in my life seems like a dream.

Awesome man...just awesome. KJ and I were lucky that we both had such great dad's. I miss them both :)


  1. ah, jesus.. i'm going to cry now...
    i'm actually at a loss for words--can't think of anything to really say because the loss i feel is almost unfathomable. each and every day i still think it's just unreal that he is gone. i have to stop myself very quickly because i can't process the reality/the fact of his passing.

    i am thinking of your dad, your mom, laura and you.... you are a wonderful family.

  2. Now I'm going to cry. Thanks so much for you love and care and support for all these years KJ

    There are no words because the pain and the reality is just beyond words. The only thing that helps is family...and wonderful friends who never let you forget how phenomenal these people were and still are.