i couldn't leave w/o solving a mystery!

Because I like to "study" photos....I just noticed Kate Spade's leather sandals and they look incredibly similar to my Stavros M. sandals from Athens!  I know I've gone on & on about these sandals before, but I'm telling you they are THE BEST sandals on the planet...And like a lovely LV bag, they age just nicely to a lovely dark aged leather!  If Ms. Spade's aren't THE exact pairs, my Stavros sandals are very very similar! Again, I am so kicking myself for not buying 10 pairs of these when I was in Athens.  This is one of the main reasons I HAVE to go back to Greece! I suppose i could order online, but that would take away the fun of going in person..plus, the site seems a bit "awkward".
Just had to share....
Now, I'm off!

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