Some sides for Thankgiving (just 1 week away :)

Since 2001 (save 1 year) I've spent Thanksgiving with my dear friends Kris and Dan. It's always great fun and a total feast. This year, Dan is taking a little rest (very little I say). He's cooking all the big items (turkey, pumpkin pie etc.) while some of us pitch in a side. Here are some of the items I plan on bringing. I'm particularly inspired to bring this walnut bread I saw on Inside the Black Apple...courtesy of Mark Bittman's How to Cook Everything. As a no yeast bread, it looks heavenly and easy! (Photo Courtesy of Inside the Black Apple)
Additionally, I was asked to bring a vegetable side. Everyone seems to agree on brussels sprouts. I thought I'd cook this fave...sauteed with pecans.
And this recipe featuring roasted carrots too.

Let the countdown to turkey day begin!

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  1. Are you trying to kill me with this?!?!! So yummy! Lucky friends! Now I really want to come out to Rochester! And have you seen the commercials for the 2 day target sale starting on the 26th? I'm seriously rethinking my plans, we could spend maybe 5 hours in Target this time.:)