Nomination Day

How much do you love Oscar Nomination Day? Ooooooh...I love it. The surprises...the non-surprises...the snubs. It's so over-the-top and it's awesome. I don't really have any films I'm pulling for this year. Frankly, there isn't much I'm totally in love with. But I do love that I Am Love was nominated in the 'Best Costume' category (so well deserved but I was afraid a bit too understated...obviously not :) The biggest film surprise for me this year was The Social Network. My first reaction to this film (before I ever even saw it)? Hollywood's shabby attempt to capitalize on a world-wide phenomena. And what is the film? A brilliantly written and acted, fast paced drama, whose players will really kind of make you feel like a dummy. Biggest joke nomination? Dogtooth (from Greece) was nominated in the 'Best Foreign Film' category. Probably my worst film experience of the year. Clearly a pity nomination.

Awards handed out in a few short weeks...cannot wait!

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