My question to Gemma

A day or 2 ago I posted a question on Gemma Correll's website...she responded with, what I thought was an interesting, humorous and typically down-to-earth response. Here's the Q & A:

Me (Katiep):

I am fascinated by your daily diaries (though all your work is brilliant). You seem to be able to make everything you do seem like an adventure. These works have made me rethink the little things that happen everyday. Is that your intent? So marvelous.

gemmacorrell said:

Thank you :) I suppose I do that partly for myself. Because my life is actually pretty boring, so I need to somehow convince myself that it isn't...




  1. oh! this is brilliant! so she actually writes back! this is marvelous because my dream is to commission her for a painting of jack! how silly is that? but i've always wanted a family portrait by her! i think i'll write her too!

    i love love this question and answer!

  2. Oh my gosh Kelly...you MUST inquire about this because it is a brilliant idea! Oh a family portrait by her would be a dream. You know, one of the reasons I ever bothered posting the question was because she seemed quite good about answering...I also bothered to do because I was so wondering what her response might be. I really do think she's amazingly talented in a very very unique way.

    Check out her new site and her blog...she has a spot for asking questions that are not answered by her FAQ section.