'All girls like cookies'

The title of this post comes from my friend Chris 'cause he says it ALL the time. On our usual Sunday afternoon jaunts to Wegmans for coffee and something sweet, I always (well, 99% of the time) get a cookie. It's funny because Wegmans has so much to offer, bakery-wise...and yet, it's always some kind of cookie that lures me in.  Chris claims all girls love cookies...he is even so bold as to say that if it wasn't for girls, there would be no cookies (as if no self-respecting man can resist a delicious chocolate chip). So this post is inspired but that remark... and by all the delicious and gorgeous cookies this time of year (Valentines day!!) What do think about the ones above. Spotted on design*sponge, they are Panetone chip cookies. In a word, genius.
From the Etsy shop Sugar and Flour. Gorgeous
Wegmans. Mmmmmmm.
Sugar and Flour...yet again. Lovely.

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