a HUGE wish

I can't tell you how brilliant Katie's Q&A for Gemma Correll is!...I think everyone knows both us think she is one of THE most talented illustrators out there!  I sincerely love her work and I think I've told you how therapeutic her work has been to me & my mom when we were going through my dad's illness.  And one of my biggest dreams is for her to do a portrait of me, B. and baby Jack!  Can you imagine.  It's just a dream but what a nice one, don't you think?
I love how quirky all her characters are...Plus, I have a thing for little chubbettes & chubbies and well....her world of characters is right up my alley...  
Love all things Gemma!
Let's call today "Celebrate Gemma" day!  :)
{btw, love the name "Gemma"}


  1. Seriously KJ, you have to request this. Commission her. I know you've seen some of the portraits she's done and they are just my absolute envy! You 3 would be just the most darling subjects too!

    I love 'Gemma Day'. I've been so stuck on her for the last couple weeks. I so know what you mean about her work being therapeutic. It must be because whenever I am stressed or blue...I go through her work and it really grounds me, makes me laugh and helps me in so many ways.

    *And just in case you are wondering, nothing specifically wrong lately...just my usual post-holiday, oh-my-god there are like 4 months of winter to go, blues :)

  2. I totally understand that "blah" feeling of winter and so many more months of being cold, miserable, etc.... I feel the same way most of the time....

    her characters are so darn cute...i feel like i found a kindred spirit in her illustrations...i see everything as cute in this world and it seems so does she! i really did think about commissioning her...but couldn't imagine why on earth she'd say yes... oh! i think i might just do it!