All hail...the 'skinny' can

I've been resisting posting anything about this all day ... but I can't help myself anymore. Spotted this completely awesome post on Fashionista this morning about how Diet Coke is and has always been the drink of choice in the fashion industry (mine too!) But here comes Pepsi (diet, I might add) with what might be the best packaging/marketing ploy ever. Dubbed the 'skinny' can, this product, which is not due to hit the shelves until March, has the same fluid ounces and same zero calories as its less stylishly canned counterpart. The idea behind this can..well, I'm not entirely sure... but in theory, the powers at Pepsi seem to think that holding a skinny can can make you look well, skinner. 

I have to say, as much as I LOVE Diet Coke (as KJ says...greatest invention ever) this can is pretty darn good looking. I wonder where we are headed with this Coke v. Pepsi battle :)

*pic of cans from Off The Market

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  1. you know, i actually like diet pepsi....for a diet soft drink it actually tastes very non-diet-y!

    great minds must think alike cause i've got pepsi on my brain too!

    great packaging, btw!