for a most excellent cause

Could everyone who reads this post do a huge favor for me? It'll only take a few moments of your time, but you will be doing something special for a very worthy cause.
Raise awareness and money for
research and patient care for ALS
Volunteer Erin Jacobs' proposal to the Pepsi Refresh Project was accepted
but in order to receive $25,000 they must be in the top 10. 
Please go to to the Pepsi Refresh Project and vote for Erin's proposal....

Vote once or as many times as you can because every vote counts!

{If you'd like more information about ALS and our local DC/MD/VA chapter of the ALS Association, please visit this page}

Thank you so very much!

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  1. Just voted! Erin's proposal is excellent and am crossing my fingers that she gets the money she needs to help fight this devastating disease. I so admire her effort in fighting for a cure. We must find one. As someone who has fought and continues to fight an illness I know that our best weapon is always going to be research...and more research.

    Go Erin!!