Whimsical wonderful weekend

Hello weekend :) I've missed you. What do you kids have planned.? For me...really not much. I've had a few quiet weekends in a row and I have to tell you...it's been nothing short of lovely. The routine has been this way for weeks:
AM-Drop Chris off at work and backtrack to the gym. Then some grocery shopping.
PM-Cleaning, followed by a little relaxing tv watching and magazine reading, then cooking a nice meal for dinner.
AM-Wake up late-ish (9am), wait patiently for Chris to wake up. We go to the gym together around 11.
PM-Lunch at Pittsford Wegmans, followed by shopping for a light dinner and some wine in the evening. 

Sounds kind of boring right...oh, not to me. I could not love boring more these days. 

Whatever your plans, I hope you have a wonderful weekend and whatever is the most fun to you...I hope you do it.

*Gorgeous photo of a typical Laura, Joe and Zeus weekend  by Joe :)

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