Just the right look for just the right room

This simple pic from a fantastic post on the equally fantastic design*sponge (about stylist and blogger Chelsea Fuss) has become a major obsession for the past few day. Why? Well, I've maybe mentioned that the 'big' project this summer is going  to be re-doing my guest room. I've gone back and forth about what purpose it would best serve...traditional guest bedroom, study, sitting room. But now that Chris has decided to do some serious (time and money) investing in equipment to process and digitize all his old negatives, I think I am going to make the room some sort of hybrid of guest/studio workspace. So of course I am combing the blogs for idea and I stumble across this simple but gorgeous pic. I love everything in it, from the table to the tripod. Just what I have been looking for...something to build on :)


  1. well, you should know i totally love this room...mostly because i like white furniture! and that's how i tend to decorate....but love this as an inspiration!!

    cannot wait to see the new room!

  2. I am thinking that this room will look best in white. It would have worked best if Chris was going all Apple with this technology but it doesn't look like that will happen. Still sticking to the all white look though.

    So glad you love it too!