Spring Break...and cake

Have you ever decided that you needed to have a 'celebration'? Sometimes just getting through the day is reason enough to celebrate...and that's what Kathy did. My office-mate and co-worker asked me a few weeks back if I would like to have a 'tea and cake' party and when I asked her what the occasion was she said, plainly, "No occasion...I just want to have cake". Well how can you refuse that. Another colleague (who used to own a bakery) made this fabulous cake pictured above...and can I tell you...our party...for no reason...has been the hit of the building on this very quiet first day of spring break. Everyone who has  randomly stopped by has had some reason to celebrate (one person is marking their first day back after 5 weeks of medical leave, another was thrilled to have finished a big project). 

Moral of the story...everyday really is a reason to be happy...and have cake!

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