A new day at Starbucks

Treat of the day? The new logo debut at Starbucks! I think it might have debuted yesterday but today was my first chance to check it out. Here it is...with a sleeve...
...and without. I have to say, I LOVE it! So sleek and simple and obviously so recognizable. My friend (and manager of my fave Starbucks location) Benita, gave me a sample of the new 'Tribute' blend coffee and it is darn good. Not to mention the new 'mocha cappuccino' which I tried this morning. Very yummy!


  1. funny cause i picked up my mocha light this morning....! and was trying to recall the last logo and for the life of me couldn't recall! out of sight...out of mind! :)

  2. So true KJ! Obviously this new design is a hit!