Going against type-Librarian Chic Monday

With Ms. M away, you are probably looking at this post and wondering if I've lost my mind. Don't worry...it's still me and it's still 'librarian chic' Monday...but with a little twist. So this weekend, I went to a local sports bar with CN (Rookies...owned by CN's brother) to watch...get this...some Ultimate Fighting (aka MMA or 'Cage Fighting'). Why would I do that, you ask? Well, good question. Being a wrestler and just general jock, CN is nuts about this sport and watches it all the time. This fight on Saturday night was supposed to be a biggie so I told him I'd go too. My dirty little secret is that I've watched a lot of 'ultimate fighting' over the past few years...most of it with my eyes closed (and mostly because I have no choice :) but there is no denying that these guys are amazing athletes and I'm always up for seeing guys in great shape, compete.

So the bar is packed (I hate bars) and it's getting late. There were several fights and the main event didn't start until around 11:45pm (for those of you who know me, that's WAY past my bedtime). Finally, the fight we had been waiting all night for is up...it's George St. Pierre (who I had heard of) v. Dan Hardy (who I never heard of...though CN had been prepping me for this event for weeks). This is where it gets funny...boy, did I enjoy watching this fight! Mostly because of George St. Pierre...he's amazing! First of all...he's gorgeous. I mean, I cannot find a flaw, physically, in this man (except maybe those tell-tale 'cauliflower ears' that all fighters get..but who cares about ears, right?). And after fights, when these guys have to talk to the press, GSP (as apparently he's referred to by those in the know) always shows up in fabulous suits, looking more like a model than a fighter. Second...his native language is French. Who doesn't love that and third...geez, what an athlete! OK, the sport is brutal and they do often seem like they are just beating the hell out of each other...but once you get beyond that, you don't need to be a genius to see how incredibly gifted they are as athletes. I love sports so it is always just a real treat to see that kind of ability in action.

Now my new interest is out of the closet. I did not see a lot of my library colleagues at the fights but I'm pretty sure that's part of why I enjoyed it so much. It certainly goes outside the librarian box but isn't that what being a chic librarian is all about. And who knows...maybe there is a future in this for me? KatieP - Librarian By Day, Cage Fighter By Night!

(Cool 'Librarian/Cagefigher' poster by Poor Richard's Custom)

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