Bon Voyage (Korean Style) Ms. M!

I can't believe how Ms. M's trip to Korea snuck up on me (just like a lot of things these days :) I hope you have awonderful trip with your family Ms. M! I can hardly wait to hear ALL about through your fabulous posts when you return. Safe travels and great fun wishes to you!!

Happy weekend to the rest of us who are homebound :)

(Photo by an Etsy fave CoriKindred)


  1. Thanks a million, Katie! I'll miss you & the blog!!! but you know me.. i'm already thinking about the day i come back. how morbid of me. i am going to truly try and enjoy my time off.
    this is actually one of the only trips i've taken where i don't really have to plan too much of the itinerary. since we're doing a tour for a good chunk of the trip, i can just sit back and relax. just what i need. i've been a bit sad about how my dad can't be with us so it's kind of bittersweet...but i know how much he would have wanted us to have a good time too. anyway....will miss you very much!

  2. oh! i forgot...this photo is gorgeous!!! only if i could look as chic when i travel!

  3. Oh please...you look smashing in travel mode, non-travel mode...every, single mode of your life! I'd give my right arm to look as fab as you :)

    As for you trip...I can't tell you how excited I am. Really...you would think I am going. I guess it's mostly because I know there will be amazing posts and stories afterward which I will most definitely bask in.

    As for you lovely dad...don't worry...he's with you...always. And he is smiling knowing you are all together and traveling to Korea. I miss my dad all the time when I am in Florida...because I knew how much he loved it...but I also know how happy he was when I was there and that makes me happy right back!!