So clever - the PGC Wallet!

I love this new creation by my sister Laura and her husband Joe. This is a simply fabulous idea for those of you minimalists who are always on the go...let me introduce you to the 'PGC' Wallet ... 'cause really...all you need to get around are your phone, gel and cash anyway. And with that nifty little hook for your key, you can tote everything you need around so simply and perfectly organized. I think I finally found a replacement for the poor little sack I've been shoving all these things into for years now. Hooray!

(By the way, visit Laura @ her Etsy shop and she'll custom order your PGC wallet anyway you would like!)


  1. brilliant!!! and i love the white phone! i'm definitely going to have to get one of these...and how cool that i can customize! laura is incredibly talented... just beautiful work, laura & joe!

  2. (I know...don't you love her phone...it's so stylin!)

    I tell you, they are doing so well with the bike-tool rolls that I think they are expanding their merchandise. And who better to understand the sportiest way to get around but those 2! And yes, if you tell her what colors you would like she will customize. You can even ask for special applique...whatever you like!

    Thanks Ms. M!!

  3. Thanks for the post!! I'm psyched you like them, I will definitely send one to both you and Ms. M. I'm so sorry I've been so busy sewing I haven't been very active on Ooh la la but I always read your awesome posts! Thanks again!! :-)