Rethinking the Pinwheel ala Kate Spade

If you are a Facebook fan of Kate Spade then you might be following her joyful 'Plant a Pinwheel' contest. All you have to do is get yourself a pinwheel (you can pick one up a your nearest Kate Spade store, or download one and make it yourself (you may need to be a Facebook user to use link), or use one of your own...then, take a picture of your pinwheel in some fabulous, creative way. Post it on the Facebook fan page and you could win a smashing Kate outfit! I love the thought of winning the oh-so-gorgeous outfit but, I have to say I am enjoying the wonderful ways people are displaying their pinwheels even more. Check out Kate's philosophy on pinwheels too...it will totally make you rehtink those lovely, innocent pieces of our childhood.

Great fun!

(Photo spotted on Facebook by Ava Friedlander...Kudos Ava!)


  1. i briefly glanced at this but didn't really read anything carefully...oh! i should totally do this and take it to korea w/ me and take pics!

    you know, pinwheels are EVERYWHERE now!!!! have you noticed? my mom got the cutest little pin wheel cup yesterday (it's a mini cup) and she's using it as a pen cup. it's adorable...

  2. Forget the contest...I want a pic of your pinwheel in Korea!!!!!!Love it!!

    And a pinwheel cup...oh my gosh...where did she find it?!?

  3. here's the pinwheel tray (another item my mom had her hands on)

    the pinwheel cup is in the housewares area where they have all the seasonal stuff...other plastic cups/trays, etc...
    it's actually a small cup that has water surrounding the cup, w/ the pinwheel design inside and little confetti type floaters inside...it's really cute. i'm probably not describing it very well.

  4. Oh I know exactly what you are talking about Ms. M...don't worry! I LOVE the tray...just so happy! Thanks!

  5. oh good... there's another cup w/ a cute red bicycle design... i was quite keen on that one but my mom liked the pinwheel more...it's a green pinwheel, if it makes any difference!

    i'm feeling pretty peppy myself at the moment....