Update on J. Crew Opening

I went to the grand opening of a new J. Crew store and I am in love with this location! I was expecting it to be the usual...but it was so much more! What I loved most were the neutral tones throughout the store with lovely natural stones integrated into the walls and the beautiful decor. They had great art books on full display alongside the lovely merchandise. I'm telling you, I'd kill to work on displays at this store! I picked up two items. A very neon pink shade (matte) by Essie called Punchy Pink & another natural cotton tote. This version is from the girls collection online but the women's versions in the store are just as adorable. I have 2 now...I think I can officially be called the Tote Bag Lady now... I have way too many in my collection! But you never know when you'll need them, right? They're super handy so I can always justify buying another one. They've also changed their shopping bags to a perfect shade of grey. Can it get any better? ...Yes! I also picked up the April catalog, which I still haven't received in the mail.


  1. Oh how I wish wish wish I could have been there with you.And this store sounds particularly special! So envious of your JCrew experience!

    And your purchase are the best! I don't think you can ever have to many bags and especially totes. They are just too useful and you need many to go with different looks!

  2. i'm telling you, my heart was beating extra fast yesterday afternoon! i practically ran inside the mall. i did a once around quickly...and then i slowly walked around twice more throughout the whole store so i could get the "full" experience.

    it was as good as buying the LV bag a few weeks ago.

    and the catalog is beautiful! just gorgeous...i'm so loving the whole neon pink phase. this time the lipsticks were more peachy but the girls looked so gorgeous.

    have you seen these totes at your local? let me know and i can get you one if you want..
    i snagged my first one a while ago but it was the only one on display...they go quickly.

  3. I have not seen these totes at our JCrew. But then again, we only have the one and it's just so so in terms of inventory. I am certainly not going ask you pick one up for me...but you know...it is pretty adorable ;)

    I haven't received the new catalog in the mail...boy I can hardly wait now!