super excited today

I am so excited today for the opening of a new J. Crew store inside a local mall. I heard it's a small space, but that's OK....What is it about this brand? I find it very interesting that after all these years of following/buying J. Crew items I still get giddy when I see a new catalog or when the new arrivals hit online. I'm eagerly awaiting for the April catalog, as I obsess w/ the March issue each and every night before I go to bed. Seriously, I go over the pages over & over again before hitting the sack. I think it's all the great punches of pink in this issue.

BTW, I picked up my Liberty of London MAC lipstick and I am in love! Petals & Peacocks (love the name!) does not disappoint. It's a very punchy pink and I mix it w/ another favorite lipcolor by NARS to tone it down...but I secretly wish I had the nerve to wear it all by itself. A girl can dream....


  1. Personally, I think I know why we both get giddy over JCrew and obsess about it...because it's so awesome...pure and simple! I treat my Jcrew catalog like it is Vogue (and most of the time I like it a lot better). So many years, so many changes and I just keep going back to it. It's like a dear friend.

    So cool that you love your Liberty/MAC lipstick. I think you cna totally wear it by itself...if you can't, no one can! I am dying to by the Liberty/Mac powder blush...'Prim & Proper' is such a pretty shade!

  2. what a great name! prim & proper... i'm telling you, the packaging on this stuff is unreal! the lipstick comes in it's own white packaging and then it's encased in another push out package. it's gorgeous! and the lipstick itself is to die for! i also got the vestral white nail polish and wore it over the weekend...but i think it looks better on toes than finger nails....it's pretty cool though. definitely get the blush..if only for the cool name!

    yay! i knew you'd understand my ritual of looking at the catalog....i kick myself for not having saved the 05 paris issues....