Have you ever seen Terrence Malick's masterpiece Days of Heaven? If you haven't, do yourself a favor...get it out on DVD, or better yet, try to find a place that might screen it so you can see it in the theater in all its magnificence. It's typical Malick...slow and methodical in pace, with beautiful acting and direction. But here is the real treat...the cinematography is unlike anything you will every see. Malick is the master when it comes to lighting and natural light is used throughout this piece to create the softest, most gorgeous, images, plus, it has one of the best voiceovers (which I am notoriously not a fan of) ever done in film history.


  1. This is a beautiful film...I must admit I first watched this because I was a HUGE fan of Richard Gere's... Gorgeous!

  2. I was almost positive you had seen it Ms.M but wasn't quite sure. I think I remember that you were a Richard Gere fan...I think this is him at his best. Terrence Malick makes a film like what every 20 years...this is one always takes my breath away.