Oh Monday...

Welcome back from the weekend kids! I hope you all had a great one. I have to admit, mine was kind of quiet. The highlight was the Tangy Miso Gravy (see KJ's awesome post from a couple weeks ago for the recipe). KJ did not lie...this recipe is amazing. I took her advice and steamed some vegetables and put it all over brown rice. It is absolutely fabulous. You may not have all the ingredients just lying around ( I didn't have white miso and sesame oil) but if you invest in the few things you don't have, it will be well worth it...I can see myself making this again and again :)

Saturday night was kind of stormy, and with no real plan, Chris and I kind of winged it and went over to SPoT coffee. I forgot how much I love their cafe au lait and we had a pretty fun evening, gossiping about some loony friends we have. After we stopped at Blockbuster (who does that anymore, right?) and grabbed the DVD 'Babel' which we both missed when it came out. A very pleasant evening :)

The hydrangeas pictured above are from my yard. If you didn't know, hydrangeas grow like mosters up here. I usually don't like to cut flowers from my yard...but I have one plant that was totally out of control...and these just make everything inside the house so lovely!

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