Oh how I've missed you!

(Sorry for all the shoe posts but...I can't help it :)

I am not not NOT ready for Fall but I have to tell you, the Fall collections have been knocking me out! One big reason why...loafers...penny loafers are absolutely every where and I could not be happier for their return. I know they've showed up in posts of mine already but I am just so excited. I spotted this pair by Sebago in the (pretty great) June/July issue of Harper's Bazaar. The only trick now will be to find the pair I want...but finally...so many choices on my all time favorite classic!

(And in case you think this is the first time penny loafer love has been mentioned on Ooh La La Du Jour...check out KJ's post from a few months back :)


  1. These shoes do look pretty fabulous, I can just see them on you now!

  2. I can't even begin to tell you how I excited I am for loafers this Fall. Not that they ever were out of style...they really are such a classic...but it's nice to see them SO in!