Just the beginning

Did you hear the fantastic news about Domino? It's not being revived (yet??!)...but the archives will be available on Brides.com. I read the news on Black Eiffel and of course one of my all time favorite shots was included in the post! I adore this photo so much....

This is quite timely because I was just telling B. last week that Gourmet was coming back as an E-mag (for IPad) and I said if Domino should do the same thing I'd have to buy an IPad (well, I want one anyway but this would make for a very good reason!).....As much as I love Lonny, I still miss my beloved Domino!


  1. Such good news and so completely agree on Domino. That was a real magazine loss.

  2. p.s. this image is wonderful :)