silly me

I know you've heard of Silly Bandz bracelets. Everyone under the age of 10 wears them....and I started wearing them a few months ago. This is the original pack I bought and I loved that the shapes spring back after you've stretched them a million times over (believe me, I've tried it many many times...and I'm still impressed!). I mostly wear the girl, dog bone, & heart bracelets--sometimes all together & sometimes just one. They're just kinda fun and I love the idea that there are so many different shapes/themes around. I thought I was just kinda strange for getting into them but I guess I'm not because the NYT Style section has an article about the adult following..... Go figure!


  1. I love that you (and other adults) are wearing these because I think they are so fun!I have seen them everywhere (including craft stores) and I just love looking at all the shapes (a pack I saw that had fruit shaped 'bandz' really caught my eye ;) How stupid that they are being banned in schools for being a distraction. Geez.

    Anyway, I love when fashion is fun...and inexpensive like this.

    (Side note KJ, don't these remind you of the rubber bracelets we wore in the 80's ala Madonna? Maybe that's why I love them)

  2. yes, definitely...these do remind me of the rubber bracelets! again, it's kind of fun to be a kid, isn't it?

    and the price is definitely right!
    fruit bandz? hmmm..will need to look into that!

    i think you need a pack for your keys vacay!

  3. OK, that's the best idea ever! I am getting some tonight!