Wacky blogger...plus cupcakes

I'm having some issues w. posting comments today... I commented on all of KP's posts this morning, but they are nowhere to be found! UGGHH!!!!

I'll do a short post here, but only because they're about cupcakes. Primrose Bakery---if Jude Law thinks they're the best in London then they're good enough for me!


  1. Seriously, these are Jude Law's fave? Wow. You know they must be good. He's kind of a cupcake himself :)

    Will you be trying them??

  2. yes, it's on my "list".... i loved the look of the locations so i'll definitely try them out. i'll be sure to take pics!

    even nigella lawson said they were good! (and you know i love her!)

  3. Well who doesn't! As I like to say...she is one saucy tomato !