The verdict ... and the shoes...are in

My new DSW shoes arrived last night (you remember the ones I ordered from my post of last week...if not check the link :) and you have to believe me when I tell you that I am in love with the shoes I received. I am wearing the Me Too patent leather sandals today and next to my Keen's, these have got to be the most comfortable sandals I have ever owned. That would be enough except that are so darn cute too. So I kind of expected to love this pair but the jury was a little out on the BCBG ballet flats. OK, so they are wonderful too...but even more wonderful than I thought they would be. They have the most perfectly shaped rounded toe (pretty much as close to an actualy ballet slipper as you can get) and they fit so nicely. I guess I am just not used to ballet flats being comfortable, as my current favorite pair (which were twice as much as the BCGC's by the way) are seriously the most uncomfortable shoes I own. All style (they are gorgeous) and NO comfort.

Anyway, the folks at DSW have really made a convert out of me. I still prefer online shopping to the store but I think they may have created a monster :)


  1. i saw your me too shoes at the store and tried them on... they are super duper comfy.. love the squishy feeling of the footbed!

    for very comfy ballet flats, try the cole haan ballets....i am still in love w/ the pair i got. it's good to have options!

  2. I will remember that. You can hardly ever go wrong with Coll Haan :)