The style mystique

From 'The Sartorialist' (who else?) is this perfect example of Parisian chic. You simply must read what he wrote (below) about this example of perfect street style because, as always, he is spot on and personally, I love everything about her:

What a great way to look this summer: so simple and yet so refined.

I love that her shorts aren't too short and that her top isn't too tight. Nothing screams in this look and yet the presentation is very strong.

This is a great example of elegance successfully achieved through understatement and flawless execution."


-From 'The Sartorialist'


  1. love love her look! and big question: would you wear bermuda shorts in paris???? you know how they just don't wear sneaks or shorts.... would you even attempt? just very curious.

  2. You know, my immediate answer to your question was yes, of course I would. Because I love bermuda shorts and wear them all the time. But I have to admit, on second thought, that I'm not sure. Just 'cause I love them doesn't mean I like the way I look in them and they are SO casual. I suppose that's what is so amazing about this woman...she took the look and effortlessly made it sophisticated.

    OK so my answer to you interesting question is, yes...but only if I could look like this girl :)

  3. yeah... i'm really not into wearing shorts in europe...maybe only if everyone else is wearing them! i love love bermudas too and i live in them during the summer, but i'm kinda hesitant to take them w/ me on vacation. i do love this girl's look though...and i bet those shorts cost like a thousand bucks too! :)

  4. They are kind of tricky aren't they. I totally agree...you know those bermuda's she's wearing are not cheap. In fact nothing she has on is. But oh boy...worth every penny.