And the presents keep coming...

Oh my gosh...my dear friend Melody gave me this adorable Coach cupcake key chain for my birthday over the weekend. It was like she knew I had been eyeing it. I am so in love with it, I can hardly wait for an opportunity to use my keys (and when has that ever been fun ;)

I wanted to include a link but they seem to have disappeared from the Coach site...oh no! But you can check it out on Polyvore.


  1. such a cute keychain... funny you mention coach because i was just on the site last night (i was bored and just surfing the web) and found a keychain of the most adorable piggie! but i really love this cupcake...who wouldn't, right? hope you enjoy!

  2. Doesn't Coach have the cutest key chains. I've never been one to spend a bunch of money on one but now that I have a nice one, well it is kind of fun (though it meant retiring my beloved Eiffel tower key chain).