Style meets function (yet again!)

Don't you love how something so totally annoying can become an absolute pleasure when you add a little design to the mix. Let's take doors that fall open or closed, for whatever reason. Totally irritating right? Not really...not if you have these completely wonderful doorstops from Ballard Design. I am so in love with these, I want them for every room!

(Spotted in Real Simple)


  1. These are amazing! So cute! I have a little bird door stop that is so cute, but these are fabulous, I usually go all things Eiffel tower but that white pineapple is speaking to me.

  2. I love your little bird door stop!! It is so much better than that stupid sliver of wood I use to keep my bedroom door propped open. I must get one of these...but which? That pineapple is kind of 'speaking' to me too :)