The best ever?

(I am going to tell you at the outset that this little item is a mere 500 bucks...ridiculous for a book? I'm not so sure...when you consider the 'author' and subject ... read on :)

Is there anyone who would argue that Kate Moss is one of the most unique figures to come out of fashion in the last 50 years. Let's face it, the woman has just got it. If you think about it, she probably looks her most fabulous when she is spotted in outfits of her own and just when you are sick to death of everyone waxing poetic about her, you see her photographed somewhere looking so...aaaah...bloody perfect! Well, none of this has been lost on the brilliant photographer Mario Testino, whose book celebrating Kate Moss will be out later this year (I think). It is a limited edition (1,500) copies and I already mentioned the price. I'm not sure it will ever end up on my book shelf but I am hoping to peruse the pages...one day...'cause at this moment, I am ultra-fascinated with their project.


  1. i love this book...and wish i could afford it!

    also, i'm kicking myself for not picking up the poster of kate moss for the testino exhibit at the nat'l portrait gallery.... i was debating it and then passed. i'm such an idiot!

  2. Oh wow!! I bet it was gorgeous! I know...this book is so out of my price range. But I would at least like to see it :)