Breakfast at Wimbledon

Among the many fun things going on this weekend, don't forget to catch 'Breakfast at Wimbledon' this Saturday (Women's final) and Sunday (Men's final) mornings. Since we are going to head down the street to watch the action with K & D, I thought I'd skip the Dunkin Donuts this weekend (that's been the menu for the past couple weekends of World Cup) and try the traditional 'strawberries & cream'. Good recipes are hard to come by so I hope a good 'American' cream will suffice...otherwise, I might just do it with ice cream...big sacrifice :)

*That said, just because I can't find a good recipe for 'Strawberries and Cream' doesn't mean one does not exist (millions of Brits can't be wrong:) so if you know of one, please feel free to post!

(Adorable 'First Strawberries' print by Etsy fave stephanielevy)


  1. you know, i have very good memories of watching wimbledon when i was a kid...i haven't kept up w/ it in recent yrs but maybe i'll catch the finals this weekend...love the strawberries & cream!!!! cheers to a winning combo!

  2. You should watch as a kick off to your London trip! I super enjoy it when the finals fall on 4th of July weekend. Just adds to the general spirit of the holiday :) No Roger Federer this year...which is a major drag but hopefully another fave Rafa Nadal will get make to Sunday. Either way, it is a 'don't miss' event!

  3. I do like Nadal..Seems like such a good guy!

  4. He IS such a great guy! I love him too...we are so lucky to be living in the era of Nadal and Federer...2 tennis genius and 2 total gentleman.