Techno Lust

I am pining away here for the Apple IPad. I keep trying to convince a very reluctant husband why I need it so much...Just imagine all the fun things that would be available to me while out & about....What I love most is that mags & newspapers are going to create special editions just for the IPad---Just think of Gourmet coming back to life on an IPad! So I will sit quietly & admire my IPad from afar..for now. I keep saying I'll wait for the the 2nd generation (in case there are kinks to be worked out....BTW, are there any? because I need a good excuse to wait it out). {A huge sigh}

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  1. Big sigh over here too. I want one badly but I am also waiting a generation or 2. I think it would be perfect for me because I am probably going to need to replace my laptop at home but I really don't need full fledged laptop. I mean really, I don't do much word processing at home so an iPad would be perfect. Just like everything else Apple related, the iPad is just...well, sigh (again).