Of course KP's Canada Day post got me thinking about Bastille Day (7.14)! It falls on a Wed. this year and am I wrong in thinking you'll be in the Keys by then, KP? I suggest we celebrate everything French during the week of July 12th! What do you say?!? It's really too bad I don't get nearly as excited about our own independence day in the States (with the exception of the day off from work!)....

Today feels like a Friday to me so I'll just pretend the weekend is starting tomorrow...I plan to laze around, watch our neighborhood's fireworks display, and perhaps laze around some more!

Anyone else up for starting the weekend a bit early?

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  1. You are right KJ! I will be away on Bastille day...and I think an early celebration week is in order. How about next week...right after our own 4th?

    Today sure does feel like Fri. I predict tomorrow to be the longest day of work ever...but it will be worth it for the fabulous 3-day weekend coming up. Post on my 4th plans to come ;)