summer shirt

The suckered gingham perfect shirt has finally gone on sale at (where else?)J.Crew! I missed my chance yesterday(sold out!), but got another one this morning. I think they purposely do the "sell outs"....Total mind play on their part...and I fall for it each & every time. I wanted the shirt very much before it sold, but wanted it desperately when I couldn't have it!

Gingham is everywhere this summer and for good reason...It reminds me of quaint warm weather picnics(obviously!) & all around laid back good fun.....Let's hope I look decent in the thing and not like a checkered table-cloth!

My J.Crew sprees have to stop. I must do it soon or else I'll be in serious trouble. {Help!}

BTW, KP...did you get your J.Crew package from last week?


  1. So much to say but I'll start with this shirt which I completely love. Gingham really is so summery isn't it? How can you not like it?!

    As for my package...thanks for asking Kj! I got it yesterday and I love every single item. The boyfriend chinos are fabulous. So soft, you can slip right into them like they are pj's. God I am such a sucker for a good pair of chinos and these are amazing. I was a little worried because I could not buy these in petite or short size so I was sure I'd have to get them hemmed but that was not true...they are a perfect fit! I am also addicted to stripped tees and the perfect fit stripped tee is also adorable. Also super soft (man, I forgot what great quality JCrew items are) these 2 items paired together are going to be another 'uniform'.

    Oh and the tote! Ok, I was in JCrew over the weekend and they actually had the bags...do you know, before I even got the one I ordered I bought one at the store because they are just saw fantastic. Even better in person.

    Package love!

  2. love both of your purchases!

    the totes! i love them!!! when i was at the outlet on sat. i noticed they were carrying totes there too! the fabric is different..not as durable/heavy..much more lightweight (more outlet quality i guess) but they had the most adorable bicycle print! i had to get it...i have it on me today! love love!