Classics and Karlie - Vogue August 2010

I just about fell over and died when I saw the Classic Revival (Fashion Rogue has all the info.) spread in the August 2010 edition of US Vogue. I don't think I've been this excited about the Fall collections since Tom Ford's amazing '95 collection for Gucci.

Oh and Anna Wintour, if you are listening, please please please put Karlie Kloss on cover of the September issue of Vogue. If you have any sense you've already figured out that she is the next mega-model and as big a 'star' as any non-model you put on the cover.


  1. i love love the august issue! it's one of the best for the year, don't you think???
    i'll need to go back and pick out some fav parts...i think i got this right before i went on my trip and remember i was just thrilled to leaf through all the pages (now how often does that happen w. vogue???)

  2. Totally 100% agree KJ!! The Aug. 2010 is one of the best in years. I've cut out so many pages there is barely any mag left :)