Final Friday Fun

It's 4:45 on a Friday afternoon...I'm trying to wrap things up here at work so I can get out here on time (meeting some friends at Sharks Ice Cream in Bloomfield, NY...apparently it's the best in town...some say the country ;) Anyway, even with all that, I just had to post this pic. Laura took of her Friday afternoon activities. Man, I don't know what it is about this picture that I think is so darn adorable. Maybe it's because I LOVE DD Latte Lites (and I happen to know that's what she was drinking 'cause I am the one who got her hooked) and that fabulous little plant in the ice cream cone pot (from Trader Joe's)...maybe it's kind of the perfect shot for a summery, Friday afternoon. And well, maybe you just have to know Laura ... she has a way of making inanimate objects have more personality than most people I know. Tell me these 2 don't look like buddies in this pic...and if I know Laura, she's already named that little plant!

Anyway, I hope everyone enjoys this late day photo as much as I did...and have a very happy weekend!

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