Sunny for the weekend...

Where there's sun, there needs to be sunglasses close by....These are very reminiscent of old Ray Ban Clubmasters I used to own in the 90s....These modern floral ones are courtesy of Topshop, a store I haven't had much luck with lately! I've tried twice to order my illusive Heart Garland Scarf from them and each time (after I get my confirmation order #) I receive a message saying they've run out of stock! Very frustrating....I think I'll just have to take this as a sign and buy these two items when I am actually in London!

Shopping woes aside....what is on your weekend agenda?

I am probably going to see the restored 50th anniversary of Breathless at the AFI, go out for some Greek grub at a place I cannot get enough of, and prep my itinerary for my upcoming trip (in 11 days!).

KP, are you headed to the Sunshine State this weekend??? If so, please give it a warm hello from me! :)

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  1. You know I never owned the Ray Ban Clubmasters...but I had the Wayfarers and I think I wore them for a billion years. Love these!

    Movies and Greek food sound like the makings of a pretty awesome weekend KJ!!