Stylish Japanese Umbrellas

Apparently I wasn't the only person impressed with transparent umbrellas in Tokyo. Kirai has some great photos of clear umbrellas on their blog. It's a rainy Tuesday here and I thought I'd comment about these stylish umbrellas. Do you recall the one Scarlett Jo holds in the Lost in Translation poster? Well, my to-do list included buying such an umbrella and I succeded. See, even the most mudane & functional can be beautiful!


  1. God I love these pics! And one thing you and I definitely have in common is a love for the mundane taken to a higher leve. Umbrellas are a great example.

    And I SUPER love umbrellas.I have loved them since I was a kid. I remember, when I was 10, a girl in my glass had a beautiful blue umbrella with a wooden handle. I had never really seen anything but boring black umbrellas and this one just seemed so fancy. Ever since then I have been on a quest for the perfect one. Do you remember that bionic one I had years back...it was just a Totes umbrella in blue and burgundy but there was no weather that umbrella could not handle. These days I am in love with JCrew unbrellas. They are gorgeous and very strong.

    These transparent umbrellas are genius!

  2. I love JCrew umbrellas too! i've had several over the years and i'm still in love w/ all of them... of course i always seem to lose them or they break in one way or another...but i keep buying them.

    i love the big ones though...the ones w/ the wooden curved handles... the one i bought in tokyo is kinda big but i love it. there's also a picture of a girl named sumiko on it. so so adorable. i'll have to take a pic and show you.

    yay for umbrellas....possibly the only bright spot in a dreary, rainy day!

  3. I really love these pictures too! Who knew a clear umbrella could be so stylin.