Feel better Laura! Happy Weekend to All!

I'm off for the day but before I hit the road, I wanted to send a little cupcake love to Laura! I hope you feel better and that all have a simply splendid weekend!

Cupcake photo by meganlee


  1. Thanks so much my Kate!! Talking to you this morning and this fabulous picture of my favorite subject makes me feel great!!! Thanks my Kate!! Have an awesome weekend!!! :-)

  2. I can't stop looking at this beautiful picture!! So Yummy!
    Did you hear that they are putting a Mcdonalds in the Louvre shops, kind of strange.

  3. Yeah Laura! I am glad you like the cupcake! It looks delicious...doesn't it!

    Now about this McDonalds in the Louvre...huh?
    The Parisians must be horrified (of course those 'french' fries are pretty yummy :)