Warm woolen mittens

Oh how I adore mittens. I love the way they look, I love the way they feel, I love all the different styles...I even love the word. If I had a cat, I always imagined that I would name it 'mittens'. One of my favorite things about winter is wearing mittens. And I am thinking that these mitten clips (above) from Martha S. will be great for gift tags and package decoration.

'Friends with mittens' by Oh My Cavalier


  1. ok. well, you know we're in the same camp when it comes to mittens!!!! i love mittens! i often wonder if i look childish when i wear mine, but who really cares???!!!! it really does throw me back to childhood and they're just so darn cute! my all time favorite are my beloved camel suede j.crew mittens! the ones w/ the shearling lining... when i lost my left one i was heart broken...i'm still sad and it's been over 9 yrs probably! love this post!!!

  2. Do you know I had a pair of shearling lined black suede mittens that I got from LLBean years ago and last year I lost one...I was heartbroken as well. I also bought a pair in camel though so that softened the blow.

    I just think they are so cute and warm and cozy...I am not bothered in the least that I am probably the only person over 40 who still wears them!

  3. I have a habit of losing one mitten--this happens every year... i don't know what it is....i think i know the pair from LLBean.... very cute. maybe i'll get them this year!

  4. Mittens are so cozy, I just love them. Kate I know they are your favorite. Maybe you could get a scottie and name him Mittens.

  5. A scottie names 'Mittens' is just as adorable as a kitten named 'Mitten'!!

    By the way, I saw Sadie in a dog show this weekend on Animal Planet...she was as fabulous as ever :)