Domo Friday, Everyone!

Happy (Domo!) Friday, everyone!!! This is kind of how I'm feeling.... I still have my cold & I feel run down, but little Domo here has really kept up my spirits for the past week. I think I'm still on my Tokyo-kick at the moment and I feel a strange need to keep going to my local 7 eleven so I can see this little creature. Plus, they have a really cute coffee cup with Domo's face on it. Even better is the pumpkin spice latte. I would venture to say it's even better than the Starbucks variety (hint: I mix 2/3 of the pumpkin spice latte with 1/3 of the regularly brewed coffee...I don't like it too sweet). They even have a Fuji apple Slurpee in honor of this fuzzy guy, which I haven't tried yet but am very tempted. Lucky for me that this store is Japanese-owned... Where else would I get my Japanese fix? I'll write more on the whole Japanese Kawaii phenomenon in a near future post (my brain is way too numb from the cold to even think straight). Take care, all!


  1. I hope you feel better Ms. M!! Maybe you can use the weekend to rest up. We need you too...for totally selfish reasons. We must have more Tokyo posts!!

    But I really want to thank you so much for this post. There are about 5 useful things in it that I feel will allow me to share your Tokyo experience without having to travel. I am so inspired by this post that I am going to leave work early to enjoy a pumpkin space latte (great tip on the ratio...I do the same)at my local 7-11. I must check out Domo too! Thanks for making my day!!

  2. i'm telling you, i practically live at the 7 eleven...who would have thought, right? i think b. is getting sick of taking me there on my nightly run. i hear a dvd is in the works for this little dude! i'd seriously think about investing in the slurpee domo cup. they're seriously cute...and take a look a the special edition straws w/ a little domo doll on top. he's all decked out in hip-hop wear!

  3. OK, can I hit 7-11 now? I mean I just got to work but who would argue with me when I show them this?!

  4. I really hope you feel better for the weekend Ms. m, I think I had a touch of the swine flu last week and it sucked!! Much better this week though! I wish we had a 7-11 nearby, I don't think I've seen one in Pittsburgh, very weird.
    I love Domo especially this picture you posted, he looks very psyched!!