Coolest souvenirs EVER!

Anyone who has been to the Guggenheim Museum in Manhattan, knows that, while it has some pretty awesome exhibits, the building itself often steals the show. That shell like structure designed by Frank Lloyd Wright is as famous as the works of any of the artist who have moved in at out of the museum throughout the years. This year, the Guggeneheim is celebrating its 50th anniversary and there all sorts of cool souvenirs to commemorate the occasion, including this snow globe and fabulous mug shaped like the shell-shaped building. And let's face it, everyone knows the best part of any museum is the gift shop anyway :-)


  1. I was wondering if you had any interest in taking a trip to NYC soon? I have never been to the Guggenheim, these souvenirs are awesome!!

  2. I think we should plan a trip to NYC this fall. You must see the Geggenheim. It's amazing!